Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Malaysia Autoshow 2017

The Malaysian Autoshow is here, running from tomorrow, Nov 9th till the end of this week Nov 12th. Organized by the Malaysia Automotive Institute, this year's show is the biggest yet held. Venue wise, it has also been shifted from previous years, and is now being held at the Malaysia Argo Exposition Park (MAEPS) located in Sepang.

A total of 150 exhibitors (including lifestyle manufacturers) have registered and will be exhibiting in the Autoshow. Almost all the car manufacturers will be at the show. One key feature of this year's show is the new venue actually has two test-tracks, one on-road and one off-road. As a result, visitors to this year's show will be able to test-drive numerous cars at the venue itself. Honda Malaysia for e.g., will be bringing almost their complete range of models to the show and Honda fans will be able to test-drive most of the models.

This means that the person who is currently shopping for a new car will find the Autoshow the near perfect event as he or she can check-out all the cars under consideration and possibly also test-drive all of them for comparison, all in one place. To facilitate the decision and the final buying process (in case the person wants to complete the purchase there and then as well), MAI has arranged for free valuation for the person's current car as well as a panel financier (Public Bank Berhad) and a panel insurer (AmInsure). With this, one can literally shop around, compare, test-drive and buy a new car all in the Autoshow itself.

Other than just enjoying the cars on display, MAI has also arranged for many attractions for the show, one of them being a free 39 points inspection of their cars. As usual, various lucky draws are also on offer, including the grand prize of a Peugeot 208 for one lucky visitor to the show.

Unique Experiences

Honda fans will probably know about the newest technology Honda is display which is "Honda Sensing". This is a collection of technology based features which enhances the driving experience and safety and includes features such as "lane keep" and Adaptive Auto-cruise. In a normal test-drive on public roads, it's going to be a bit difficult for one to test out these features. But in the Autoshow, Honda has a special "Honda Sensing Technology Experience" exhibit where visitors will be shown by trained drivers the various features. In yesterday's Honda Malaysia "Deepavali" event, media members were given the chance to experience Honda Sensing technology in the form of a short test-drive of the new Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L Advanced model. A trained driver took me for a spin in an old-airfield in Putrajaya and conduct two demonstrations for Lane-Keep and Adaptive Auto-Cruise for me. I will say that the demo and test-drive was very interesting. For Honda fans, this exhibit should be a must-visit.

A rather unique experience offered in the show is the so-called "Super Car Taxi Ride". Priced at RM30, visitors can get to experience being driven around the show's test track (which is 3km long) in either a Bentley Bentayga or a Ford Mustang GT 5.0. This should be a very popular booth to visit indeed.

Other "unique experiences" includes the "(SUV) Sport Utility Vehicle 4x4 Experience" which similar to the above offers visitors the chance to be driven around the off-road test-track (this one is 200m long) for a fee of RM10. Note however that this experience is only open from the 10th onwards.

Finally there is the "Karting Slalom" competition where visitors can enter to compete in a special Go-Kart race with numerous attractive prices (including a first price of RM2,000 worth of fuel vouchers).

Planning Purposes

To help readers interested to visit the Autoshow plan their visit, below are the layouts of the show venue. Most of the car exhibits are focussed on two main halls. Hall A is where the most of the car exhibits are and is where Honda is located. However, manufacturers BMW, Volvo and Land Rover/Jaguar will be exhibiting in Hall C. Hall C is also where the superbikes will be (courtesy of NAZA Bikes) as well as the special "Classic Cars Collection" exhibit. Mercedes Benz however decided to have their exhibit under tents on the outside of the halls. There is one more exhibit hall, Hall D, and this is where a special car symposium will take place along with the "lifestyle" exhibitors (car accessories, as well as non car related exhibitors). Outside of 'stock' cars, there will be a modified cars and bikes exhibition as well.

The aerial photo below, obviously taken from Google Earth, has been overlaid with locations of the various exhibits.

Further below are the actual layout plans of Halls A and C where almost all the main car exhibits are located (except Mercedes which can be found in the master layout plan above).

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

From the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show : Video and Images of the Honda Sports EV concept

In the Tokyo Motor Show currently on-going, one of the cars on show at the Honda booth is their new "Sports EV" concept car. Below are the video and the images that Honda provided for this car. 

Honda Sports EV Concept:
Honda exhibited the world premiere of the Honda Sports EV Concept, a concept model which combines EV performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body with the aim to realize the joy of driving the user can feel with a sense of unity with the car.

Honda Sports EV Concept video

Honda Sports EV Concept photo and images

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Honda Malaysia today announced a product recall for 2,814 units of HR-V 2016 Year Model due to the possibility that the front stabiliser bar may break under high stress. All other Honda current selling models are not affected by this recall.

According to Honda Malaysia, the stabiliser bar breakage is due to insufficient temperature control during its production process, resulting in compromised strength of the stabiliser bar and thus, leading to possible breakage during high stress. Breakage of the stabiliser bar might cause wheels to be unbalanced, resulting in instability during a drive and the car pulling to the left or right.

As of today, there are no incidences of crashes or injuries related to this issue reported in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia is taking this preemptive measure to ensure customer safety and sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to all affected customers.

All affected front stabiliser bars will be replaced with newly made parts. Currently, Honda Malaysia has 50% of the replacement parts in stock nationwide, and parts availability will be at 100% in mid-November 2017.

Honda Malaysia would like to assure all customers that the company is committed to its mission to maintain the best product performance; hence the proactive measure is being taken to avoid any possible damages or accidents.

All affected customers will be informed via notification letters, which will include details of the product recall. Customers who receive the letter are advised to send their vehicles to the nearest Honda authorised dealer nationwide for inspection and replacement. All cost related to this replacement activity will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia strongly encourages all affected customers to replace the affected stabiliser bar urgently once they receive the letter as its breakage can potentially lead to tyre puncture and instability.

Honda customers are urged to check their vehicle recall status either by logging on to or today or by calling the Honda Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. today announced that Mr. Toichi Ishiyama will be succeeding Mr. Katsuto Hayashi as its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Ishiyama will officially assume office in Malaysia on 1 November 2017. He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited. The career of Mr. Ishiyama, 48, spans 25 years in Honda in various roles in Japan, USA, Thailand, China and Pakistan. During his assignments in Thailand and China, Mr. Ishiyama delved deep into understanding local markets in relation to automobile. With more than 20 years of experience in researching markets and product planning, Mr. Ishiyama’s forte is an advantage towards ensuring that Honda Malaysia continues its strong momentum as the No.1 Non-National Vehicle Brand and No.2 in overall Total Industry Volume (TIV).

Mr. Ishiyama has indicated that he will continue to focus on total excellence in products and customer experience to emphasise the Joy of Buying for Malaysians. He believes the strategy put in place by Mr. Hayashi will see Honda Malaysia through to another achievement year, reaching the target of 100,000 units in sales for this year.

During his tenure in Malaysia, Mr. Hayashi successfully strengthened Honda Malaysia’s position as the No.1 in Non-National segment and No.2 in overall TIV and in the process, also attained No.1 position in terms of market share among Honda automobile operations worldwide in some of those months. The company achieved the highest local market share in history in March 2017, at 20.5%. Honda Malaysia recorded 100,000 sales units in the fiscal year of April 2016 to March 2017 as well celebrated its historical 600,000th production unit under Mr. Hayashi’s watch.

Preparing Honda Malaysia for the next growth phase, Mr. Hayashi strategically switched focus to offer more Advanced Technology to customers. Under the theme of Next Generation Advanced Technology, turbocharged engine was introduced last year. Mr. Hayashi was praised greatly for the success of the Civic with turbocharged engine variant as an option for Malaysians. Civic was the pioneer mass production Japanese model in Malaysia to be fitted with turbocharged engine to suit local demand.

This focus was further expanded with the launch of Sport Hybrid i-DCD variants, making Malaysia the only country outside of Japan to introduce the highly accepted environmental friendly powertrain that does not compromise the fun-to-drive element of the car. To date, Honda Malaysia is the leader of hybrid segment in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia also introduced the All-New CR-V with Honda SENSING to offer a new level of advanced safety. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be launched All-New Civic Type R 2.0L VTEC Turbocharged, which has been recorded as the fastest front-wheel drive production car, is set to exhilarate customers who demand the thrill and fun of the throttle in their drive. In total, Mr. Hayashi steered Honda Malaysia’s launch of five new models and expansion by four new dealers to a total of 90 Honda dealers nationwide.

Mr. Hayashi who led Honda Malaysia for one and a half years, will be taking on a new role as the General Manager, Overseas Operation Division (Americas), Regional Operation (North America) in Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Sepang, 29 September 2017 – Honda Malaysia today announced that the All-New Civic Type R will be the most powerful Honda model ever to be introduced in the Honda Malaysia model line-up. Record-breaking All-New Civic Type R has claimed the title of world’s fastest front-wheel-drive (FWD) production car with a new benchmark lap time record of 7 minutes 43.80 seconds at the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany early April this year.

The Type R is Honda’s iconic racing and sports model whose name and reputation is almost cult-like. Making history for the past 25 years since its first introduction in 1992, the characteristic and development concept of the Type R has always been light-weight, dynamic performance and mechanically simple. The 2017 All-New Civic Type R adopts the same concept optimizing advance technology to current era, enabling the All-New Civic Type R to set a new record for a front-wheel-drive (FWD) production car.

The most significant improvement of this All-New Civic Type R is enhanced aerodynamics that gives greater performance and excellent stability, allowing this Type R model to achieve much quicker lap time compared to previous-generation (European market) Type R. It delivers the best package in its class, providing powerful performance both on the road and on race track, yet highly adaptable to our daily driving demands.

The hot hatch Honda has a body that defines racing perfection. With a low and wide stance, the air curtain at the front bumper, side sill flick up and wing cross section of the rear wing gives excellent high speed dynamic performance. It was developed with the most ambitious design of Civic Hatchback platform with high rigidity body frame and an increase of 38% in torsional stiffness compared to previous generation (European market) Type R. The All-New Civic Type R is an ultimate representation of the racing spirit of Honda that is embodied in Honda’s DNA.

The All-New Civic Type R is equipped with 2.0-liter VTEC Turbocharged engine that offers high output and higher performance. Providing 310PS and maximum torque of 400NM, the All-New Civic Type R provides powerful performance and unmatchable driving experience. The high performance engine is mated with 6-Speed Manual Transmission that delivers exhilarating fun and engaging driver experience. Honda Research & Development (R&D) has developed the manual transmission, enabling precise shift for the drivers.

The All-New Civic Type R comes with 3-Way Driving Modes (COMFORT, SPORT and +R) which allow drivers to set their preferred driving mode to experience different dynamic performance in different driving environment, be it on the road or on track. The 3-Way Driving Modes control the Adaptive Damper System (ADS), Drive-by-Wire throttle (DBW), Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), traction and brake system. Each driving mode provides a balance of the ride and handling for different experiences when the driver switches mode. Furthermore, all 3-Modes are adaptive and suitable for daily driving, yet ever ready to go on the track.

Honda R&D also developed a 3-Way Exhaust System to provide sports feel with an acceleration sound to fulfill the driver's aspiration. At low to medium speed, it produces a powerful exhaust sound, while at high rotation range it reduces unpleasant muffled sounds and creates a refined experience for the drivers.

With the improvement of cornering performance in mind, the All-New Civic Type R’s 20 inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels was designed for aggressive and high speed performance. Despite the powerful performance of the All-New Civic Type R, it comes with highly responsive and durable braking system. It is well-fitted with high performance BREMBO brakes to achieve superior braking performance. A cooling duct at the front bumper opening introduces fresh air, enabling efficient air cooling and greatly improving braking performance at high speed.

The All-New Civic Type R model for Malaysian market is manufactured at Honda’s Swindon, United Kingdom plant with the engine being produced in Anna, Ohio (Honda of America Manufacturing Inc).

In celebrating the excitement of being the ‘Champion of Champions’, the All-New Civic Type R together with Jazz Hybrid Mugen, Civic 1.5L Turbocharged and All-New CR-V will be previewed at Honda Innovation. Evolution. Booth, at the 2017 Formula One Petronas Grand Prix in Sepang International Circuit Mall Area from 29th September 2017 to 1st October 2017  (Formula 1 Malaysia Race Weekend).

Malaysians can place a booking for the All-New Civic Type R from 1st October 2017 onwards at 21 selected Honda Sport Dealers (please refer to the table below for full listing). Sport Dealers are Honda’s appointed authorized dealers that carry the All-New Civic Type R in Malaysia. For more information on the All-New Civic Type R, please call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log on to

List of Honda Sport Dealers         
*Customers can place their booking for All-New Civic Type R at the listed dealership below.

Honda Sport Dealers
Autoworld Asia Sdn Bhd
Botanic Auto Mall Sdn Bhd
Global Amity Sdn Bhd (Bangi)
Kah Motor Co Sdn Bhd - Selayang
Sri Utama Auto Sdn Bhd
USJ Car Express Sdn Bhd
MH Prestige Auto Sdn Bhd
Peringgit Sri Motor Sdn Bhd
Tenaga Setia Resources Sdn Bhd
The Millenium Auto Carriage
East Coast
Chuan Thye Motor Sdn Bhd
East Coast
Syarikat Tan Eng Ann Sd Bhd
East Malaysia
Syarikat Labuan Automobile Sdn Bhd
Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) Sdn Bhd
Formula Venture Sdn Bhd
Kah Motor Co Sdn Bhd - Sg Pinang
Lee Motor SP (Car Div) Sdn Bhd
Yooi Cars Sdn Bhd
Ban Lee Heng Motor Sdn Bhd (Seremban)
Syarikat Motor GS Tay Sdn Bhd
Yong Ming Motor Sdn Bhd

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Statement by Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. : Additional Replacement Activities for Takata Front Airbag Inflators

Below is Honda Malaysia's latest update with regards to their on-going campaign for the Takata airbag recall. Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. continues alerting and informing customers of the importance of replacing the affected vehicle’s Takata airbag inflators, via increased frequency of postings on social media and SMS blast. Owners of Honda vehicles affected by the Takata airbag inflator product recall are advised to immediately get their vehicles checked and parts replaced at any Honda Authorized Service Centres, Shopping Mall Hubs or at PETRONAS Stations as soon as possible.


Honda Malaysia announced today that it will increase the locations to replace Takata front airbag inflators to provide further convenience to affected customers in its commitment to ensure the safety of customers.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


1 February 2017 – Honda Malaysia’s best-selling model, the City is once again set to capture the hearts of Malaysians with bookings for the New City now being accepted at all 88 Honda authorised dealers nationwide from 1 February onwards. The enhanced New City is based on the success of the 4th generation model, which has proven itself to be a B-segment leader with more than 100,000 units sold since its launch in March 2014.

With class leading features, outstanding comfort and spaciousness as well as fuel efficiency and modern design, it is little wonder that the City is a hot favourite with Malaysians. The New City will bolster these traits further with more value added features which will appeal to young singles and families.

Powered by Honda’s signature 1.5L i-VTEC engine mated with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) for all variants, the New City provides the ideal balance of driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The New City comes with new dual tone alloy wheels, further elevating the City’s sleek and stylish design. The V variant includes LED Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Front LED Fog Lights to give the New City a fresh exterior appearance. At the rear, the V variant is equipped with a Duck Tail Spoiler integrated with LED Brake Light, LED Taillights and a Multi-Angle Reverse Camera that not only improves the looks but also further enhances the practicality of the New City.

Trunk space remains the biggest in its class at 536Litres, making the New City the perfect sedan that is extremely convenient for road trips for everyone with its ample room for suitcases, baby prams or even golf bags.

In addition, all variants of the New City will be equipped with the Push Start Button and Smart Entry to provide extra convenience to customers. The New City will continue to set the benchmark in the B-segment safety with features such as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) systems, which come as standard in all variants. VSA stabilizes the New City by reducing under/over steering when driving in unexpected situations or during tight cornering, HSA helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards when the brakes are released on an incline, while ESS makes the rear brake lights and hazard lights flash automatically to warn nearby cars when the vehicle detects sudden braking. The premium V variant will also come with Six Airbags.

With its outstanding record and such value added features, the New City is positioning itself as a Trend Setter, being the sedan car that fulfills the needs of everyone - from design to performance and practicality.

Customers can be the first to own the New City when it is launched in the first quarter of this year by placing an advanced booking now at any authorised Honda dealers nationwide. For more information, please call Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to